Essential merchandising vehicles designed for agile supply chains

While the need for shorter lead times and quicker speed-to-market have been a trending need in the merchandising display industry for the past several years, the current market dynamics have greatly accelerated this need. In response, WestRock's Strategic Design team created a portfolio of highly efficient displays to allow brands and retailers to quickly build merchandising programs from the collection - reducing lead times. When combining the design efficiencies with our high-speed digital print technology, the results are high-impact, graphic merchandising programs that take days or weeks out of the process.
What makes it quick?

  • Minimal design and development for shorter lead times
  • Reduced tooling
  • Less set-up time in store
  • Digital production for quicker speed to market
What makes it simple?

  • Combine PDQ, floorstands, and powerwings to create a full display program
  • Designed to fit most retailer requirements
  • Flexible configurations combine to create shopper solution centers
  • Standard or custom sizes available
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Simple Building Block Construction - Countless Combinations
Features and Benefits
Stack-able building blocks combined with a high-graphic shroud for a sleek, premium design that delivers the strength of a semi-permanent display.

  • Stands alone as singular display or combine to create shopper solution centers
  • Customize the exterior shroud and create fun, unique designs without compromising the simplicity of the inner structure
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Holds 35+ lbs per shelf
  • Digital production for quicker speed to market
One-piece Construction for Speedy Setup at Retail
Features and Benefits
  • Designed to handle significant weight load without compromising cost or set-up efficiency
  • One-piece, automated construction eliminates the need for hand assembly and taping. This simplified process yields cost savings by reducing labor and assembly costs.
  • Designed with retail in mind – ease of setup reduces labor in store
  • Ships flat for optimized pallet load, and ease of transporting to set-up location.
Superior Flexibility - Simple Construction
Features and Benefits
  • Reduced Display components for lower costs and less waste
  • 100% Recyclable materials for increased sustainability
  • Fewer touches reduces labor and assembly costs
  • Designed for flexibility to comply with varying retailer specifications
  • Powerwings flex between tray and pegged products
  • Powewrings have optional integrated graphic panel in both 24” and 48” tall versions
QR codes are having a resurgence

QR codes have been around for some time with historically low adoption rates. In the past, the friction wasn't worth the reward for many shoppers. However, the current health pandemic has created a resurgence. Due to the touch-free, contactless nature of QR codes, they are now being used as a payment method, a means to check-in for service based appointments, deliver menus at restaurants and  communicate product information or promotions. Prior to COVID-19, a 2018 study by Juniper Research found that the number of QR codes redeemed via mobile will reach 5.3 billion by 2022, up from an estimated 1.3 billion in 2017. However, the pandemic has accelerated demand for QR code based payments and digital interactions. While, exact scan rate data is yet to available, we can expect that QR code scan rates will likely shatter prior projections.1

See some examples of different ways QR codes can be used to drive shopper engagement before and after purchase.
Source: Juniper Research
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